ITEP Training OCN Accredited

ITEP TrainingITEP is an acronym for the International Treatment Effectiveness Project and is part of the NTA’s ongoing treatment effectiveness strategy that identifies areas of best practice within the substance misuse field. The ITEP project was a joint venture between the NTA, the Institute of Behavioural Research (IBR) in Texas and service providers in the UK. ITEP utilises a visual communication and care planning approach known as node link mapping which is employed by trained key workers with their clients.

Ongoing research by the NTA has shown that employing mapping alongside other psychosocial interventions such as motivational interviewing, can achieve a number of positive outcomes in terms of a clients’ treatment experience and reducing their problematic drug/alcohol use.

Front line workers reported that employing ITEP Node Link Mapping interventions resulted in:
  • Clients experiencing a better rapport with their key workers.
  • Increased levels of client participation in treatment.
  • Higher rates of treatment retention and completion.
  • Clients benefitted from increased peer support.

Consulting Circles are one of the UK’s leading providers of ITEP practitioner training, accredited by OCNSER in February 2011. We have trained more than 2,000 managerial, administration and delivery staff since 2007. We are also market leaders in delivering associated products such as the supervision of ITEP implementation teams, recovery champions and the development of bespoke client evaluation systems.

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Consulting Circles also provide ITEP refresher training.

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